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Latest company news about Overclocking Control Board for Antminer T19 S19 S19 pro
Company news
Overclocking Control Board for Antminer T19 S19 S19 pro Want to know how to make your S19 more powerful? Increase the hashrate with low cost? Here we are!! we got the overclocking control board stock available in our office!       With this cut tiny kit,how much hashrate can it increased?   1. with air cooling (Max data) T19            84t→104t T19            88t→108t S19            95t→113t S19pro      110t→132t   2.with oil cooling (Max data) T19            88t→128t S19            95t→136t S19 pro     110→154t   Already excited about it right?   Other details you may have to know: 1. It is produced by ex-engineer from Bitmain, so don’t worry about the quality,and we have 180 days warranty just change a new product for you. 2. It won’t affect the service life of the machine as you with the correct operate. 3. The power consumption will be up to around 4000w with overclocked hashrate, so you will need a more powerful power cord, like 16A, and also a good cooling environment will help it to run better.   It is a great choice if you already bought S19 or T19 before. Who doesn’t want to make more profit with the original machine? You’ll feel fantastic about it! Text us to get more information! More >
Latest company news about iPollo V1 3100mh ETH arrived today
Company news
iPollo V1 3100mh ETH arrived today   There are more and more powerful mining machines in the Ethereum. Who is the king of this area? IPOLLO V1, one of the new products launched successively, has a hashrate of 3100mh/s, power consumption of 2400W, and video memory of 8G.   Compared with the current asic miner and graphic card rig, this video memory has reached 8g. It is clear that the machine will not be selected after five years of use.   Today, we, Marine King received the first prototype company in the whole market, and also conducted a series of testing for the machine, which has lived up to our expectations.   After receiving the sample model of V1, we immediately carried out the test. Only 10 minutes later, the hashrate, reached the official 3100mh, and another one and a half hours later, the hashrate reached an amazing level , the 3640mh, which was very stable and amazing.   Compared with A11 1500mh and YM-100, IPOLLO V1 is superior to both in terms of energy consumption ratio. If we calculate the unit price though per one M, V1 is cheaper and more cost-effective.   ​​What we all care about is that Ethereum is about to upgrade to 2.0. Can we still do mining after buying Ethereum machines? At present, it is still a long time before Ethereum 2.0 comes.   Now everyone will think whether my hundreds of or thousands of machines will become scrap iron, so they not profitable. What will happen after this upsurge? After Ethereum upgraded to version 2.0, miners need to use one 1.0 coin as a pledge to do version 2.0. At that time, Ethereum 1.0 will undoubtedly go to the moon, at least more than double, then the cycle of Ethereum machine will be reduced by at least half, or even shorter, and the currency price will rise to an unprecedented level.   So in fact, we don't have to worry too much. First, what kind of machine will be used to dig when 2.0 arrives, so there will be a long time before 2.0 arrives. Second, it is inevitable that Ethereum will rise at that time. Ethereum will definitely take into account the interests of all users. So as long as you can hold the coin, you will make a lot of money in the wave of changes of 2.0. More >
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