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Latest company news about Meet the Antminer S19 XP — Bitmain Reveals ASIC Manufacturer's Most Powerful Bitcoin Miner
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Meet the Antminer S19 XP — Bitmain Reveals ASIC Manufacturer's Most Powerful Bitcoin Miner At the World Digital Mining Summit in Dubai, the leading application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) bitcoin mining rig manufacturer, Bitmain, revealed the company’s most powerful bitcoin mining device to date. The new Antminer S19 XP will boast up to 140 terahash per second (TH/s) and uses 27% less electricity per terahash than the most efficient and profitable bitcoin miner today. The New Antminer S19 XP Boasts 140 TH/s and 27% Less Electricity Consumption per Terahash This week the bitcoin mining industry has been buzzing about a new ASIC SHA256 mining rig manufactured by the company Bitmain. News about the new miner was first leaked by the Chinese journalist and former Bitmain employee Colin Wu. The journalist wrote that compared to the current generation of Antminer S19s, the latest in the series of models has “been greatly improved.” Following Wu’s tweet on November 6, Bitmain hosted the World Digital Mining Summit (WDMS) in Dubai and revealed the firm’s next-generation machine.   Bitmain’s new miner will pack a lot of computing power as 140 TH/s will be the most powerful mining rig released on the market to date. The new rig’s specifications show the miner’s efficiency is 21.5 joules per terahash (J/TH), which is considerably more efficient than the S19 Pro’s 29.5 J/TH. The S19 XP not only will use 27% less electricity per terahash, it also claims to provide 37% more hashpower per kilowatt-hour (kWh). The S19 XP leverages the SHA256 mining algorithm and has a power consumption of 3,010 watts off the wall. Five Selected Companies Will Be First to Acquire Bitmain’s New Machines According to the announcement, the machines will be available to the general public in July 2022. However, it seems that five bitcoin mining operations have been selected to be Bitmain’s first S19 XP customers. Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq:GREE) was one of the companies selected and Ault Global Holdings’ (NYSE American:DPW) subsidiary Bitnile was also chosen to partner with Bitmain. Milton “Todd” Ault, III, the company’s executive chairman, tweeted some photos of himself signing a contract on stage in Dubai.   Bitnile disclosed the new shipment of Antminer S19 XPs will be leveraged at the firm’s Michigan data center and “result in a significant increase in Bitnile’s Bitcoin mining capabilities and future revenues.” The announcement stemming from Greenidge details that the company aims to deploy its units “at a facility to be developed in South Carolina or Texas.” Greenidge also explained that the delivery of S19 XPs will occur in the “third quarter of 2022.” Bitmain’s Antminer S19 XP will also boast 5-nanometer (5-nm) chip technology and the semiconductors come from Taiwan. In the Greenidge S19 XP acquisition announcement, Bitmain’s business development director of the NCSA region, Irene Gao, discussed the new S19s. “Like Greenidge and many of our customers, Bitmain is dedicated to improving the carbon footprint of the bitcoin mining industry. That is why we’re thrilled to announce not only the S19 XP but also the green Antminer S19 XP.” Gao concluded: Bitmain is manufacturing a limited edition green Antminer S19 XP and is offsetting 100% of the carbon footprint associated with the production and the first year’s operation of these miners by purchasing carbon offset credits. More >
Latest company news about Bitdeer Announces Availability of the Highly Demanded Filecoin
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Bitdeer Announces Availability of the Highly Demanded Filecoin Bitdeer Announces Availability of the Highly Demanded Filecoin (Graphic: Business Wire) October 22, 2021 06:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time SINGAPORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bitdeer, the world's leading digital assets mining and cloud service platform, announces support for the increasingly popular Filecoin (FIL) on their platform. This adds yet another option to their existing and wide-ranging portfolio of digital assets, diversifying the platform’s offerings for its users and reinforcing its leading position in the miner sharing economy with the inclusion of IPFS mining capability on top of ASIC mining. Built on top of the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) created by Protocal Labs, FIL is the native currency that powers the Filecoin blockchain, a decentralized information storage protocol first launched in 2017 through an initial coin offering, which quickly became one of the largest token sales that year. The network promises that anyone globally can participate as online storage providers, also known as storage miners who are incentivized by FIL. Filecoin was included as one of the latest trust offerings by Grayscale, the world's largest digital asset manager in March 2021, placing the decentralized data storage provider under the spotlight again and pushing FIL’s price to historic highs. Being the incentivized layer of IPFS, Filecoin has attracted various institutions and organizations to implement the faster, safer and less costly distributed storage network. However, the barrier to become a storage miner is rather high as Filecoin mining’s hardware is far more capital intensive and complex than usual GPUs, which consists of computational and storage requirements. The requirements are beyond most potential network participants’ affordability and reach. Storage pledge, although regarded as an alternative to FIL mining, lengthens the return cycle and demands a certain level of capital investment, preventing general users from participating. Plans that Benefit Users Principally Bitdeer’s FIL offering significantly lowers the barrier for global participants who are interested in acquiring FIL, with its all-in-one platform that boasts greater accessibility, higher transparency and simpler operation. The streamlined and more user-friendly service model has become the widely preferred option for global users. The platform’s sharing model also helps reduce users’ participation costs. The FIL package comes as a Full Effective Plan, and no Filling Period is required, considerably shortening the cycle of return period compared with other industry offerings. Output rate is also accelerated greatly thanks to the rapid computing power output and stable data ensured via the platform’s adoption of high-performance computing servers, high-reliability storage servers and cluster systems. In addition, no pledge coin is required for plan purchases and sector pledge coins are owned by users ultimately. The platform also bears all gas fees and mining seal costs. Secure and Reputable Platform with Professional Services Bitdeer serves users from over 200 countries around the world with monthly traffic of over 3 million users. The platform’s high uptime and smooth operation is guaranteed by Bitdeer Group’s Mining Datacenter, one of the latest verticals introduced in Q3 2021, leveraging its unrivalled aggregate mining capacity to provide reliable and trustworthy digital asset mining services to users. Transparency is key and users can track their returns and profits easily on the platform which is supported by its professional back-end management and financial systems. Bitdeer not only ensures stable and consistent operation, but also strives to provide top-notch services to its customers worldwide, twenty four hours a day. The thriving development and growth of intelligent mining is extensively welcomed by global mining enthusiasts and investment community. Filecoin is one of the most successful projects that made great achievements over the past year. As Bitdeer is committed to the unremitting pursuit of innovative technologies and services that co-create value with our global community, the company started building of the FIL mining resources to diversify its portfolio, also empowering global miners with easier access to this rapidly prevailing project. Bitdeer is part of the Bitdeer Group founded and chaired by Jihan Wu, also the co-founder of Bitmain and Matrixport. It aggregates the world's top mining pools from across the world, such as, Antpool, F2Pool, Foundry USA, ViaBTC, and, and aims at providing users with more flexible mining options with proven track record. The inclusion of the FIL Full Effective Plan embodies the platform’s latest efforts to bring in one of the best digital assets mining options to its global users, solidifying the bond and engagement between Bitdeer and the global community. About Bitdeer Bitdeer is the world's leading provider of digital asset mining services, enabling global users to mine cryptocurrencies in a transparent, reliable, and convenient way. It saves users from the complicated process of purchasing, installing, and hosting mining machines. Individual miners can enjoy the service with just one click. *Information provided in this article is for general information and reference only and does not constitute nor is it intended to be construed as any advertisement, professional advice, offer, solicitation, or recommendation to deal in any product. No guarantee, representation, warranty or undertaking, express or implied, is made as to the fairness, accuracy, timeliness, completeness or correctness of any information, or the future returns, performance or outcome of any product.   More >
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