December 1, 2022

Latest company news about ANTMINER K7 SUPRISE AGAIN

The leader in the production of miners around the world - Bitmain once again proves its intention to maintain this status for more than one year. Setting a new bar, thanks to their innovative technologies that they apply to their devices. Being present on the market for more than one year and gradually improving their developments, they earn more and more trust from both experienced miners and newcomers who are interested in this business quite recently. Being an advanced company, every year they release more and more productive devices, which not only differ in their performance, but also in the ability to mine various cryptocoins. Thus, the brand new Antminer K7 allows you to enjoy mining in a new way, and now we’ll figure out how.



Looking at the miner, it seems that no changes have taken place in its design, however, the established technology and appearance make it possible to secure the device as much as possible from external factors, creating not only a compact, but also a secure environment.

CKB or Nervos is the only coin that can be efficiently mined with this device. In addition, the manufacturer claims that the miner is a refinement of the next generation. However, Bitmain calls it the most powerful CKB Nervos miner.

And yes, the miner is extremely powerful given the specifications. This should be the most powerful miner in terms of mining altcoins.

It has a high efficiency of 0.049j/Gh thanks to its powerful power consumption. 3080W is no joke, and given the limited number of available instances of this miner, users are more likely to solve block puzzles faster. And the device hashrate is 63.5 Th/s.

And this is the essence of having a powerful miner. The chances of getting and solving blockchain puzzles are growing every day. This is why miners should also check the electricity levels or costs expected when using this device.

The miner comes with two fans that help not only to reduce the temperature, but also to maintain its optimal level - 5 - 45 ° C. It also has a maximum noise level of 75 dB. This is a very loud miner considering you are only mining one coin. Finally, you should think about where to install the miner. However, the maximum humidity of the environment is 95%, which adds a bonus to the placement of the device.


For a more visual example, the latest model should be compared with the previous one in order to show all the work that Bitmain has done:

Model Antminer K7 Antminer K5
Algorithm Eagle Song Eagle Song
Cryptocurrency Nervos (CKB) Nervos (CKB)
Power (hashrate) 63.5Th/s 1.13Th/s
Energy consumption 3080 1580
energy efficiency 0.049j/Gh 34.5 JTh
Working temperature 5 - 45°C 5 - 45°C
Noise level 75 dB 72 dB
Coolers 2 four
Income (per month) ≈ 39 thousand rubles Works in minus

You can see what a huge work has been done with the current generation of ASICs. The device is truly extremely powerful equipment and will provide an opportunity not only to mine cryptocurrency with pleasure, but also to receive excellent income, by the way about it.


Considering all the dynamics of profitability, it should be said that the factors that affect its variability must always be taken into account:

  1. Power consumption is an important figure that may vary depending on where you live, however, it is also common that the higher this figure, the more powerful the device.
  2. Power or hashrate - shows how fast a miner can mine blocks, respectively, the higher the indicator, the better for your wallet.
  3. Market dynamism - this indicator has an extremely strong effect, it needs an eye and an eye, the constant volatility of the cryptocurrency price can affect your income both positively and negatively.

Having considered all the parameters that can affect profitability, it should be noted that Antminer K7 is the latest ASIC miner. A truly huge figure, but also remember that things can change.


The new miner - Bitmain Antminer K7 is really the best device for mining Nervos, the excellent performance and quality that Bitmain provides allows you to not only enjoy mining, but also get a new experience for yourself. Definitely recommend to buy!