Whatsminer M30S M31S M20S M21S M32 BTC Bitcoin Asic Miner Machine

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Whatsminer M30S M31S M20S M21S M32 BTC Bitcoin Asic Miner Machine
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Algorithm: SHA256
Power Consumption: 2880w-3600w
Hashrate: 60t-112t
Style: BTC Miner
Coin: Bitcoin
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Bitcoin Asic Miner Machine


Whatsminer M20S


M21S Asic Miner Machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: MicroBT
Certification: ce
Model Number: Whatsminer M20S M21S M30S M31S M32
Payment & Shipping Terms
Delivery Time: 3-7 working days
Payment Terms: USDT, T/T, Bank Transfer
Supply Ability: 100 PIECES/DAY
Product Description

Whatsminer M20S M21S M30S M31S M32 BTC Bitcoin Asic Miner Machine



Whatsminer M30S

Product Name M30S 84t M30S 86t M30S 88t M30S 90t M30S 92t
Hashrate 84t 86t 88t 90t 92t
Power Consumption 3192W 3268W 3344W 3420W 3496W


Whatsminer M30S+


Product Name M30S+ 94t M30S+ 96t M30S+ 98t M30S+ 100t M30S+ 102t
Hashrate 94t 96t 98t 100t 102T
Power Consumption 3196W 3264W 3332W 3400W 3468W


Whatsminer M30S++


Product Name M30S++ 102t M30S++ 104t M30S++ 106t M30S++ 108t M30S++ 110t
Hashrate 102t 104t 106t 108t 110t
Power Consumption 3162W 3224W 3286W 3348W 3410W



Whatsminer M31S

Product Name M31S 68T M31S 70T M31S 72T M31S 74T
Hashrate 68t 70t 72t 74t
Power Consumption 3128W 3220W 3312W 3108W 3256W


Whatsminer M31S+


Product Name M31S+ 76T M31S+ 78T M31S+ 80T M31S+ 82T
Hashrate 76t 78t 80t 82t
Power Consumption 3192W 3344W 3267W 3360W 3444W

Whatsminer M20S

Product Name M20S 60t M20S 65t M20S 68t M20S 70t M20S 72t
Hashrate 60t 65t 68t 70t 72t
Power Consumption 2880W 3120W 3264W 3360W 3456W



Whatsminer M21S

Product Name M21S 46t M21S 48t M21S 50t M21S 52t
Hashrate 46t 48t 50t 52t
Power Consumption 2760W 3120W 3264W 3360W


Product Name M21S 54t M21S 56t M21S 58t M21S 60t
Hashrate 54t 56t 58t 60t
Power Consumption 2880W 3120W 3264W 3360W



Whatsminer M32

Product Name M32 66T M32 68T M32 70T
Hashrate 66t 68t 70t
Power Consumption 3312W 3212W 3360W



About MicroBT


MicroBT is a technology company which is based on block chain and artificial intelligence. Focusing on integrated circuit chip and products development, production and sales, and provide corresponding system solutions and technical services. They adhere the ideal”ultimate,win-win,integrity”to provide high quality products and service. Now MicroBT has passed the national high-tech enterprise certification.


They have more than 40% R & D staff which is doctor or master comes from Tsinghua University, Peking University. They have more than 15 years of experience in chip design and product development of Theyll-known integrated circuits and communication companies on average. The founding team is the team that first applied the full custom chip design methodology to the block chain computing device under the advanced process node.


As a chip design and produce company, They have completely design process and independent core technology. The core technology include algorithm,fine optimization of integrated circuit micro-structure ,low poTheyr technology, advanced chip packaging technology system level poTheyr and cooling technology. These core technologies and engineering methods have been successfully validated and applied in the mass production of our block chain server chips and products.


In addition to the current focus on the area of block chains, MicroBT is also responding to the national chip strategy. According to the company's development strategy and plan, MicroBT is planning to explore and extend its core R&D capabilities to other high-performance computing areas such as artificial intelligence through independent R&D and strategic cooperation.







Used Whatsminer Before Testing

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Used Whatsminer Before Shipping

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About us--Marine King Miner 


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How about the Warranty?

A.180 days warranty for new machine.If it is within the warranty period, the original factory of the miners will be responsible for it. If it is out of warranty, we will provide paid maintenance service


B.For used miners,we will send testing video with SN code before shipment to make sure every miner is in a good state. And we will provide paid maintenance service after that.



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