Water-cooling Antspace HK3 parameter specifications
Product Overview Input voltage 415V±10% /60Hz /3P /N /PE
Total power consumption(Two power distribution cabinets share the load) ≤1100kW
Miner Miner inlet/outlet water temperature 35°C/45°C
Container Supporting power consumption (cooling, power distribution) 52kW 1000kW

Container dimension

(length * width * height)

Cooling tower dimension (length*width*height),  5800mm*2240mm*4286mm(Without guardrails)
Weight (container with miner weight) 12Ton
Weight(Cooling tower operating weight) 12Ton
Number of miners 210Units
Spray pump flow 230m³/h
Heat dissipation capacity 1000kW
Temperature variation between inlet and outlet(heating side)ΔT 10°
Cooling tower docking interface specifications DN125
Heating docking interface specifications DN100
Cooling tower inlet water pipe specifications DN40
Cooling tower drainage pipe specifications DN65
Heating side pressure capacity 10Kg
Design flow of heating side 85m³/h
Maximum inlet/outlet water temperature on heating side 35/45
Heating side design ΔT 40/50
Operating Environment Requirements Ambient temperature -25°C~45°C
Noise 78dB(internal) / 65dB (external)
Internal coolant Specifications are selected based on local environmental conditions
Water Consumption 1.15m³/h(Water consumption of external spray, closed when the ambient temperature is below 10°C)


The energy consumption of Antminer s19 pro hyd is 5,445 W, and the energy efficiency is 27.5 J/TH. With such a huge energy consumption, Bitmain recommends users to use their specially designed mining machine storage cabinet Antspace HK3. This container-like mining rack provides 1MW power supply can supply 210 sets of S19 PRO Hyd mining machines.


Advantages of Antspace HK3

  • High-density design: 1MW heat dissipation capacity + supports up to 210 water-cooled mining machine positions for Antspace HK3 @20HC.
  • Flexible heat dissipation scheme: DWT-T Dry-Wet Tower Traditional Type can be selected for Antspace HK3.
  • High efficiency and energy saving: PUE is as low as 1.03; optional heating components can provide heat recovery; frequency conversion fan control reduces water consumption, energy consumption and noise for Antspace HK3.
  • Intelligent control: manual/automatic dual-mode control; fully closed-loop water temperature automatic control in automatic mode keeps the mining machine in the best working condition; supports online mining machine power on/off/online program upgrade/online initiative.
  • Safe and reliable: the whole system has passed cTUVus certification, and the container body has passed CCS classification society certification; condensation and leakage detection/alarm; cooling tower cage ladder and guardrail meet OSHA standards; Lock design, remote video monitoring, GPS positioning, one-button emergency stop, electric cabinet interlocking design.
  • Convenient operation and maintenance: the Antspace HK3 network on both sides of the shelf is controlled by two sets of switches; each mining machine can be powered off separately; the water inlet and outlet of each mining machine can be opened and closed independently, and each has only one; The impact on other mining machines when the dimension needs to be powered on and off and taken off the shelf.

Specification for Dry-Wet Towers DWT-T and DWT-C

Product Overview Value
Type Dry-Wet Tower Traditional Type (DWT-T) Dry-Wet Tower Container Type (DWT-C)
Dimensions(L*W*H) 5800mm*2240mm*4200mm 6058mm*2438mm*2896mm
Heat Dissipation Capacity 1000kw 1000kw
Outlet Temperature @ 28℃ Wet Bulb Temperature,  35 35
Container Certification None China Classification Society Certification
Safety Certification North America/Standards: NFPA 79:2021, UL 508A:2018 R8.21, CSA C22.2 No. 14-18, ANSI/ISO 12100:2012
EU Standards: EN ISO 12100, EN 60204-1
North America/Standards: NFPA 79:2021, UL 508A:2018 R8.21, CSA C22.2 No. 14-18, ANSI/ISO 12100:2012
EU Standards: EN ISO 12100, EN 60204-1
Operating Power 14kw~28kw 14kw~28kw
Motor Rated Voltage and Frequency 415V±5% 60Hz(North America)
400V±5% 50Hz(EU,Middle East)
415V±5% 60Hz(North America)
400V±5% 50Hz(EU,Middle East)
Detailed Characteristics Value
Shipping Weight 5T 6T
Operating Weight 9T 10T
Connection Interface DN125(GB/T 9119-2010 PN16 DN125) DN125(GB/T 9119-2010 PN16 DN125)
Water Resupply Pipe Interface DN40(Internal thread) DN40(Internal thread)
Drain Pipe Interface DN65(Internal thread) DN65(Internal thread)
Noise Level @25℃, 16m 70 70
Water Consumption 1m³/h~1.5m³/h 1m³/h~1.5m³/h



Antspace HK3 With DWT-T Dry-Wet Tower Traditional Type For Hydro-Cooling Miner 0

Antspace HK3 With DWT-T Dry-Wet Tower Traditional Type For Hydro-Cooling Miner 1