October 13, 2022

Latest company news about ANTMINER KA3 IS A BEAST

In September 2022, it became known that Bitmain was preparing to release a new ASIC for Kadena (KDA) cryptocurrency mining called Antminer KA3 166Th. For a Russian-speaking person, it may seem that this is read as "kaz", but still, "KA" is hidden in the code name as the beginning of the name of the cryptocurrency and the number three, with which, as usual, the first device in the line always begins.

Information roamed around the network that the first batch would be released in October, but in fact the first devices would have to be shipped in December 2022. And the first batch, if any, remained in the hands of a few exclusive Bitmain miners. We have not found any live specimens available from Chinese sellers.

So, dry characteristics look like this:

- Algorithm: Blake2S | KDA

- Hashrate: 166Th/s ±3%

- Power consumption: 3154 W / h ± 10%

– Dimensions: 430*195.5*290mm

– Weight: 16.1kg


Don't be confused by the profitability figures, this is normal for a device that has not yet been released. In general, devices based on the Blake2S algorithm have an ambiguous reputation and are distinguished by volatility in income. Simply put, there were quite a few devices for the Kadena coin, but all of them very quickly lost profitability due to the rapid inflating of the network complexity. At the same time, the exchange rate of KDA has only been declining over the past year, gradually reducing the profitability of ASICs for mining this cryptocurrency.

At the time of writing, Antminer KA3 166Th has several main competitors:

— Goldshell KD Max 40.2Th/s 3350Wh

— Goldshell KD6 29.2Th/s 2630Wh

— iBeLink BM-K1 Max 32Th/s 3200Wh


Models Hash Rate Power Consuptiom
Power Efficiency
Antminer KA3 166Th/s 3154W 19.0J/TH
Goldshell KD MAX 40.2Th/s 3350W 83.3J/TH
Goldshell KD6 29.2TTh/s 2560W 87.7J/TH
Goldshell KD6 SE 25.3TTh/s 2300W 90.9J/TH
Goldshell KD LITE 16.2TTh/s 1330W 82.1J/TH
Goldshell KDBOX PRO 2.6TTh/s 230W 88.5J/TH


As you can see, all devices that can somehow compete with Antminer KA3 166Th have at least four times worse energy efficiency and, accordingly, at least four times less hashrate. Several conclusions can be drawn from this. Firstly, the prices for all Blake2S ASIC miners will inevitably get cheaper as the Antminer KA3 shipment date approaches, and now is definitely not the best time to buy Goldshell KD6. Secondly, there is a real chance that more productive devices for this algorithm will appear in the same Goldshell. Nothing prevents them from creating a Goldshell KD7 Max Pro with competitive characteristics and thus pushing the price of these ASICs even lower. Yes, nothing will interfere, it can only be illiterately built industrial espionage)

Otherwise, we are looking forward to the release of the first copies of Antminer KA3 166Th and will continue to monitor the situation on the asic equipment market.