Goldshell SC BOX 900GH/S Blake2B-Sia Siacoin SC Miner

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Goldshell SC BOX 900GH/S Blake2B-Sia Siacoin SC Miner
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Algorithm: Blake2B-Sia
Power Consumption: 200W
Hashrate: 900GH/S
Coin: Siacoin SC
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Goldshell SC BOX


Blake2B-Sia Siacoin SC Miner


900GH/S Siacoin SC Miner

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Goldshell
Certification: ce
Model Number: Goldshell SC BOX
Payment & Shipping Terms
Delivery Time: 3-7 working days
Payment Terms: USDT, T/T, Bank Transfer
Supply Ability: 100 PIECES/DAY
Product Description

Goldshell SC BOX 900GH/S Blake2B-Sia Siacoin SC Miner


Product Name
Goldshell SC BOX
Power Consumption
Release April 2022
Size 150 x 84 x 178mm
Weight 2000g
Noise level 35db
Fan(s) 2
Voltage 200
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 - 35 °C
Humidity 5 - 85 %

About Goldshell SC-BOX

Weighing 2000g, the miner has one of the best shapes for miners. It’s a complete rectangle making it perfect for placing anywhere. In addition, the miner doesn’t have any naked wires running alongside it.

The unit makes it a perfect place to start mining with only one coin to mine. However, those looking to mine on a large scale can easily use the Goldshell SC-BOX Miner. In addition, it doesn’t need much electricity to run, making it cost-effective.

It uses the Blake2B-Sia algorithm synonymous with mining SIA coins. The coin has been gaining traction over the years. And as such, Goldshell decided to release one in April 2022. Hundreds of miners are looking forward to getting their hands on the unit.

You can join the Luxor mining pool to increase your chances of earning block rewards. Joining a mining pool is the best way to start mining once you get an effective miner. In addition, the mining pool increases your mining power.

Looking at the miner, it weighs 2000g and comes in a size of 150*84*178mm. That’s a small-size miner that’s ideal for home mining activities. However, it’s also a miner you can use for large-scale Sia mining.

Algorithm of the SC-BOX Miner

Created by Jean-Philippe Aumasson, it’s the broken MD5 and SHA-1 algorithm. However, the algorithm has a considerable security margin compared to other mining algorithms. The Blake2’S INTERNALS are ChaCha based or use a stream cipher design.

Most don’t know that the function is irreversible. However, the Blake2B is faster than most hashing algorithms. Therefore, it still allows a high level of security during mining and verifying transactions.

Efficiency of the SC-Box

The miner comes with an efficiency of 0j/Mh. With a low power consumption of 200W, the efficiency makes complete sense. It only mines one coin and, as such, doesn’t need to have high power.

With a low power means, your electricity cost will be lower. That’s the appeal of a single mining unit that deals with only one coin. So no matter the electricity rates in your area, the electricity costs will be low.

Hashrate of the Goldshell SC-BOX

It comes with a maximum hashrate of 900Gh/s. The hashrate is ideal and even high, considering you’re only mining one coin. You get to mine one coin continuously without any breaks. With low energy consumption, it makes the miner a game-changer.


 Goldshell SC BOX 900GH/S Blake2B-Sia Siacoin SC Miner 0


How about the Warranty?

A.180 days warranty for new machine.If it is within the warranty period, the original factory of the miners will be responsible for it. If it is out of warranty, we will provide paid maintenance service


B.For used miners,we will send testing video with SN code before shipment to make sure every miner is in a good state. And we will provide paid maintenance service after that.

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